Welcome on my Java/Diorite blog!

Hi! I’m Bartłomiej Mazur aka GotoFinal from Poland.
I’m a Java developer currently looking for a job.
But don’t worry, this blog isn’t about Minecraft, but about Java or other JVM languages.
On this blog you can find posts about my projects or many interesting facts about Java or JVM related stuff, like bytecode generation, JIT optimizations, benchmarks etc.

My current biggest project is Diorite - a Minecraft server software, but it contains a lot of features that are not related to Minecraft, like own injection system, configuration system etc.

If you want to hire me: gotofinaldev@gmail.com
My github: https://github.com/GotoFinal/
Diorite github: https://github.com/Diorite/

If you want me to check something you can't understand, or explain some weird java behavior, feel free to e-mail me at: gotofinaldev@gmail.com or just write comment below!